Coca-Cola Fishtail Logo Decor

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For a truly classic and “tasteful” decorating theme, consider adding some Coca-Cola memorabiliato your home or office. Both the reproduction Coca-Cola Metal Sign and Glasses have the fishtail logo that was used on Coke products from the late ’50s to mid-’60s. The aluminum sign measures 32 inches across and sets the backstage for an eye-catching design element to use in your room redecorating.

Coca-Cola Fishtail Sign and Drinking Glasses

Coca-Cola Fishtail Sign and Drinking Glasses

The red wall paint is from California Paints and this shade is called Red Ink. It helps the Coca-Cola logo to really pop. A single wall or a small area of a room with this color would give your home or office some real impact when paired with these Coca-Cola items. This sign and shelf with glasses would look incredible behind a bar or lunch counter. Perhaps you have a retro kitchen that needs some pizzazz.

Pairing vintage style Coca-Cola glasses

Pairing vintage style Coca-Cola glasses with a reproduction sign is a great way to create a decorating design element that would work in so many settings. This would work behind a bar, in a kitchen, anywhere you’d like to add some exciting retro touches.

Coca-Cola Sign of Good Taste Drinking Glasses

Coca-Cola Sign of Good Taste Drinking Glasses

Coca-Cola Fishtail Glasses

These Sign of Good Taste Coca-Cola Glasses match beautifully with the Coca-Cola Refreshing Feeling Limited Edition Sign reproduction of the same era.

Coca-Cola Fishtail Metal Sign

This Coca-Cola metal sign is an eye-catching reproduction of signs made in the late 1950s. Add some retro cool to any room by grouping it with some vintage-looking Coke glasses.

Coca-Cola Fishtail and Bottle Logo Glasses

Reproduction Coca-Cola glasses grouped together makes a great decorating touch, but also puts them in easy reach when it’s time to have a refreshing drink.

Last updated: Apr 21, 2011
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