Retro Images of the Week: Coca-Cola Handy Bottle Holder

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Here at we are surrounded by all things retro. Not only the things we sell but original items and collections that decorate our offices. We thought it might be interesting each week to bring you a photo and information of an interesting, and maybe unusual, retro item we have kicking around. Please note these items are not for sale.

This photo is of a Coca-Cola bottle holder intended for use in a car. This was distributed by the Coca-Cola Company in the 1950s to promote sales of their bottled soft drink. The back of the cardboard holder has an advertisement that explains several ways to hang it within a car, including attaching it to the dashboard or placing it on a door lock. It’s an interesting item that must have been very useful in the days before cup holders were standard equipment in cars.

Last updated: Aug 07, 2009
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