Coca-Cola Pallet and Wood Soda Crates for Home Decor and Storage

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Back in the day, soda delivery drivers loaded up their trucks with wood crates full of glass bottles of soda pop. These crates had to be sturdy and, because they were used over and over again, were destined to bear scuffs and chips – hallmarks of their hardworking lifestyle.

Who knew that one day those wood crates would become a popular home decor element?


Coca-Cola Soda Crate

The Coca-Cola full-size soda bottle crate looks just like the ones used in old-time Coke bottling factories.


We’re getting on board this fun decorating trend with a new line of Coca-Cola vintage style wood crates and pallets. These are brand new items – made in the United States using durable American pine – but are designed to look like vintage Coke crates of yesterday.


Half-Size Crate

The half-size Coca-Cola crate is another variation on the Coke bottle crates. Note the great metal corners that add durability and a vintage look.


4-Grid Wood Crate

The 4-grid wooden crate can be placed on its side and used as a display shelf.


24-Grid Wood Crate

The 24-grid Coca-Cola wooden crate comes with a removable grid insert.


Coca-Cola Pallet

The Coca-Cola wood pallet measures 14 inches wide x 12 inches deep. It’s great to decorate tabletops and counters or to hang and display on a wall.


Coca-Cola Wooden Tray

The Coca-Cola wood tray has a real vintage look and can be put to good use in your kitchen or bar.


Coke Beverage Caddy

The Coca-Cola wood beverage caddy has a bottle opener built into the side.


Coke coasters

The Coca-Cola coaster set has six coasters that resemble mini pallets that come in their own little wooden crate.


Authentic details include carrying handles, metal-reinforced corners, a distressed finish, and the timeless Coca-Cola logo. Choose from storage crates or trays, drink coasters that look like mini pallets, and even an old-style beverage caddy with metal bottle opener (just like they used to make ’em).

We think you’ll be amazed by the quality and attention to detail on these unique items. They make handsome flea-market decor on their own, but you can also use them for storage in your kitchen, garage, game room, office, or bar.

For a closer look at these cool Coke crates, check out our companion video.

Last updated: Dec 20, 2016
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