Coca-Cola’s Sprite Boy

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Coca-Cola Sprite Boy Ad

Sprite Boy "Coke" Advertising

Coca-Cola’s Sprite Boy

During the ’40s and ’50s, The Coca-Cola Company used a lively little character in its advertising. Sprite Boy was created by the company’s staff artist, Haddon Sundblom. He was also the artist who created the Coca-Cola’s version of a jolly Santa.

There has been some confusion about the origins of Sprite Boy. He has nothing to do with the Company’s soft drink, Sprite, which was created much later (1961).

Sprite Boy was a sprite (or, elf) and first appeared in a 1942 ad that introduced the name “Coke”. The purpose of the ad was to help consumers identify the Coke with their familiar, favorite Coca-Cola. In 1943, the Sprite Boy appeared in ads encouraging Americans to “Buy United States War Bonds”.

It appears Sprite Boy was phased out shortly before the drink by the same name was released.

We’d love to know if you have more facts about the origins and use of Sprite Boy, as so little is available.

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