Coca-Cola Vintage Style Drink Coasters

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Coca-Cola coasters have been available since about the time that Coke began to be sold in bottles. You don’t have to scour antique stores to find coasters with classic vintage Coca-Cola artwork. These new four-coaster sets with reproductions of vintage art are a great way to bring Coca-Cola’s classic style to your decor. And unlike older coasters that may not have held up too well over the years, these gypsum beauties will hold up to repeated use. And they have a cork backing to protect your table and counter surfaces.


Coca Cola Coaster Sets

Our Coca-Cola drink coasters with vintage style art printed on them, make great display pieces to go with your Coke collectibles.


Coca-Cola Collectibles

Take a vintage Coca-Cola crate and use it as a display case for new and old items.

With a single set or a variety of different designs, you have a fun display item on its own. Use them to enhance a collection of vintage Coca-Cola cups, as we’ve done. Or display them with your own Coca-Cola memorabilia. The Coke logo went through a lot design variations through the years, and this is an easy way to collect and display them.

Last updated: Feb 13, 2015
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