5 Reasons Coca-Cola Wall Decals Make a Great Decorating Choice

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When faced with a blank wall in need of decorating, you could turn to metal signs, clocks, posters, or other decor items . . .

. . . or you could add color and sizzle by decorating with Retro Planet’s exclusive Coca-Cola wall decals!



Here are a few reasons why Coca-Cola wall decals are a great decorating choice.

Coke Arciform Fishtail Logo Decal


1. It’s Coke! Coca-Cola has been one of the most popular American brands for over 120 years. The company’s designs run the gamut from nostalgic Americana to fun and trendy, and have bold colors that are perfect for making a strong decor statement. Our Coca-Cola wall decals use officially licensed artwork with the most popular icons and slogans, such as the Coke fishtail logo, red disc, Sundblom Santas, polar bears, and more. These are American classics that will enhance nearly any decor style—modern, shabby chic, rustic, industrial, you name it.


Coke Bottle Logo On Disc Decal Red


Coca-Cola Santa Wall Decal


Vintage Coca-Cola Soda Dispenser Decal


2. Decorate anywhere. Though they’re called “wall decals,” you can put these peel-and-stick graphics on many surfaces: cabinets, appliances, even glass. You can wrap our wall decals around corners or cut them in sections and decorate collage style. These decals are a natural fit for restaurants, diners, bars, and other businesses that serve Coca-Cola; but our Coke wall decals will jazz up your home kitchen, too.


Coke Assorted Disc Decals Set

Installing Very Large Wall Decals


Coke Ladies Baseball Decal

3. Custom options. What’s more fun than seeing your or your company name on a Coca-Cola wall decal? You can personalize many of our wall decal designs with any slogan you want. This is a great way to promote a business or customize the look of your home. While our Coke decals come in a wide range of preset sizes – most from 12″ to 60″, some to 120″ or more!—we can print decals in custom sizes to fit your decor space perfectly.


50s Style Enjoy Coke Personalized Decal


Drive-In Coke Wall Decal


4. Easy, nail-free decorating. Decorating with wall decals is simple. No hammers or nails to damage walls, and no messy paint or wallpaper. You literally just peel and stick! This makes our Coca-Cola wall decals perfect for spaces where you don’t want to put holes in the wall, such as apartments, dorm rooms, or offices. They’re also great for holiday decorating at home or at work, particularly with our many wall decals featuring Haddon Sundblom’s Coca-Cola Santa. When it’s time to redecorate, our wall decals peel off cleanly with no residue.

Coke Santa With Toys Decal

Coke Christmas Santa Wall Decal Set

5. Affordable. Vintage Coke signs are popular with collectors, but they can be very expensive and impractical for large-scale decorating. But for about $10, you can have a Coca-Cola wall decal that looks just like a metal Coke sign but costs much, much less. If you love the nostalgic look of Coca-Cola but are working with a budget, wall decals are the way to go.

Coke Sunbather Wall Decal

Coke Bottle Cap Decal

Sprite Boy Coke Bottle Decal

Have we convinced you that decorating with wall decals is the way to go? Take a look at all our Coca-Cola wall decals and see which designs will give you that retro flair you’re looking for in your decor!

Last updated: Oct 17, 2018
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