Coca-Cola Sign and Arrow Wall Decal Combos

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The Coca-Cola brand is well known for its striking signage. Graphically impactful, timely and often humorous, Coke signs, billboards, and merchandise have become an icon of American society. For all of these reasons, vintage Coke signs are very desirable as collectibles.

The Coca-Cola button sign (officially referred to as the “Red Disc” by the Coca-Cola Company) has been one of the most iconic of all Coke signs. Originally made in 1947, these convex signs were hung outdoors where they were displayed with the name of the grocer, diner, or gas station to entice customers to come inside and “Have a Coke”. In 1948 the red button signs moved indoors and in the 1950s a big way-finding arrow was often added to point patrons to the Coca-Cola. Owing mainly to exposure to the elements and the resulting poor condition of most surviving Coca-Cola button signs, vintage versions (especially those in decent condition) can command impressive prices on the secondary market!


Red disc Coke Sign

The iconic Coke button sign paired with an arrow wall decal.


Coke sign and decal set with soda crates

Reproduction Coca-Cola sign and wall decal sets are a great way to get a vintage look and are easy to add to your walls.


Sign and wall decal combos are another way to recreate the look of original Coke signs with the way-finding arrows. These combos include reproductions of Coca-Cola round metal signs (including the iconic red button), with a polyester fabric wall decal version of the ’50s arrow, in the exact shape and style of the originals.


1960s Coke sign and coolers

Create a retro display with vintage coolers and a 60s style Coca-Cola sign and arrow wall decal set.


Coke sign with arrow and soda dispenser

Placing a Coca-Cola tin sign and wall decal arrow set above an old soda dispenser is a great way to show off your vintage finds.


To display the Coke sign and arrow decal combo simply peel, stick, and smooth the arrow. The cool thing about the arrow wall decal is that you can point it in any direction you like. Once the arrow is positioned, mount the button sign on top of it. The result is the same classic diner look as a vintage button-and-arrow sign—and you didn’t have to spend hours at flea markets or on the Internet to find it! There are also unique options that were never produced as real signs but are very much in keeping with the classic Coke look, like a gold laurel design with an appealing Art Deco vibe.


Laurel wall decal and Coca-Cola sign

Coke collectibles become retro decor when highlighted with a vintage style sign and wall decal combo.


Multiplex dispenser and Coke sign wall decal combo

Pair your vintage Coke dispenser (this one is a 1930s Mutliplex Fountain Dispenser) with a sign and wall decal combo for huge impact!


Coca-Cola is everywhere, and continues to be a terrific go-to brand when looking to add traditional retro style to any DIY decorating effort, whether in a kitchen or a garage. (And you’ll still be able to stock the fridge with refreshing bottles of Coca-Cola!)


Last updated: Sep 18, 2014
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