Collecting Mexican Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Looking to start some kind of a collection, or merely to add some color and charm to a kitchen or dining room? Then consider starting a salt and pepper shaker collection. Salt and pepper shakers of all sorts are highly collectible nowadays but most are still very affordable, so it doesn’t have to cost a lot to get into this hobby. No matter where you go—flea markets, antique stores and consignment shops—you’re sure to see all kinds of collectible salt and pepper shakers. We’d like to share with you a collection of what is referred to as “figural shakers”. These are ceramic shakers made to represent animals, people and all sorts of recognizable characters.


Collectible Salt and Pepper Shakers

Create a festive decor with vintage salt and pepper shakers with a Mexican theme.


This is our personal collection of Mexican salt and pepper shakers. These vintage salt and pepper shakers were collected over time from a variety of sources like flea markets, eBay and antique stores. In our collection, the shakers range from fairly new creations to older, vintage salt and pepper shakers. They date from the 1950s to the 1980s. They’re from a variety of manufacturers and the country of origin varies as well, too. Some are actually souvenirs from Mexico and others are US imports from Japan or China.


Donkey and Cactus Vintage Shakers

Travel increased among the middle class in the 1950s and souvenir salt and pepper shakers became all the rage as tokens of places that were visited.


Mexican collectibles

Stereotypical novelty salt and pepper shakers.


Ceramic and Pottery Mexican Shakers

Any theme can unify a collection; from country of origin, subject or period of manufacture.

What binds our collection together is the theme. The Mexican subject matter brings these shakers together as a fun set that when displayed together creates a charming vignette, especially when displayed in something like this old Coca-Cola crate. Collecting Mexican style salt and pepper shakers is fun when you want them to coordinate with a Mexican themed kitchen, enjoy preparing and eating Mexican food or simply want to celebrate the Mexican culture.

shakers from Mexico

Souvenir shaker collection with Mexican themed items from the ’50s through the ’80s.


Coca-Cola Crate Used as Salt and Pepper Shakers Display

This vintage Coca-Cola crate makes the perfect display shelf for this collection.


When starting your own collection, you may prefer to collect by the country of origin, a particular manufacturer or a certain time period. It’s totally up to you, and that’s what makes collecting so much fun.