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1993 Larry Bird Wheaties Box

This box may not be all that old, but given the Celtics advancement to the 2010 NBA Finals, this is a fun item. General Mills first started featuring pictures of athletes on their boxes in 1934. The advertising slogan “The Breakfast of Champions” was also printed on the box. When first introduced, the athletes’ pictures were printed on the side or the back of the box, but beginning in 1958 they were featured on the front.

This single-serving box commemorates Larry Bird’s retirement after 13 years of playing basketball for the Boston Celtics. His retirement night ceremony was held at the Boston Garden on February 4, 1993. Among the promotional items distributed to people that attended that night were t-shirts, pins, banners and one of these Mini Wheaties boxes.

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Last updated: Jun 04, 2010
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