How To Create a Quick and Easy Hanging Chart

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Vintage hanging charts are not only really charming, the genuine article is becoming increasingly rare—and especially hard to find in decent shape. Naturally, this means they’re becoming more and more expensive. If you love the look of vintage charts but aren’t up for the search—or the high price tag—consider creating your own stunning hanging chart using high-quality printed papers and a hanging chart kit.

We have more than 60 hanging chart papers to choose from in both vertical and horizontal styles. They’re printed on thick, archival quality papers. Poster themes include travel, medical, botanical and scientific—as well as decorative vintage ephemera. In addition to the posters, the hanging chart kits can be purchased from us separately. Select a vertical or horizontal hanging chart holder based on which orientation of the poster you choose.

And finally—don’t let the fact that these are kits intimidate you! These chart hanging kits are so easy to use, that you don’t need to be “crafty” to do this! See our two-minute video for step-by-step instructions.

Using one of the many vintage style posters we carry, it’s fast and inexpensive to add a fabulous vintage look to your decor. These kits are simple to use, allowing you to put together a hanging chart quickly and easily. Everything you need is included: instruction sheet, dowels, tape, string and even the nail to hang it with!


Last updated: Dec 22, 2015
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