Create your own TV dinners

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Reusable TV Dinner Trays

TV Dinner Tray-Retro Style Ceramic DishThe phrase TV dinner was coined by Swanson’s in 1952. The first TV dinner was a Thanksgiving meal of turkey, stuffing, peas and sweet potatoes, all packaged in a segmented aluminum tray which could be heated directly from the box. It could then be served in the same tray without any extra dishes, and it also fit nicely on a TV tray so you wouldn’t have to miss any of your favorite TV shows. Modern living at it’s best, to say the least.

The concept was an instant hit and Swanson’s sold 10 million TV dinners the first year in production.

Today you can create your own versions of these classic meals using a ceramic version of the original trays. They make a great plate for both general eating and entertaining, and, just like the originals, you can prepare meals ahead of time and freeze.

Last updated: Mar 21, 2008
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