Decorating a Cool 1950s Soda Bar With Coca-Cola Decor

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Some years ago our offices were based in Salem, NH rather than our current location, in Nashua. Our store was known as Vintage Vending then. These photos are of showroom displays we had in our earlier location. Unfortunately, we no longer own these items but we thought it would be fun to share these as decorating inspiration for anyone looking to create a similar setup.


Coca-Cola Soda Bar


Coca-Cola Vintage Style Bar


We can’t offer the soda bars shown in these photos, but we do carry many cool retro touches to complete a look like this one. A sampling of the cool decor and accent pieces that we carry in our current store are:


Coke Straws and Dispenser

When decorating your own Coca-Cola soda bar an absolute essential is a Coca-Cola straw dispenser filled with Coca-Cola straws.


Coke Bell Glass

Another soda bar necessity is the classic Coca-Cola bell-shaped soda glass in the signature Georgia green.


Coke Bar Stool

Create seating at your bar that just screams retro style. The Coca-Cola high back stool is the perfect addition to your Coke soda bar.


Coke Neon Clock

Just like clocks found at neighborhood soda fountains and diners, this Coca-Cola double ring neon clock will be the centerpiece of your soda bar. The face is a reproduction of a vintage Coca-Cola soda keg.


Coke S&P Shakers

These adorable salt and pepper shakers are mad to look like old Vendo Coke vending machines and will look terrific on your own Coca-Cola soda bar.


And these are just a sampling of the nearly 100 classic reproduction Coca-Cola signs we carry:

Coke Real Thing Sign

A cool reproduction sign featuring a nice cold bottle of Coca-Cola will entice your guests to pull up to your soda bar.


Coke Bottle Sign

The iconic Coca-Cola contour bottle sign is the perfect decor accessory for any Coke themed room.


Fountain Service Sign

This two-piece set features a large, retro fountain service background and a die-cut glass of Coke sign that’s embossed to give it a 3D effect.


Be sure to add any vintage or reproduction items that you have on hand—or use your decorating project as an excuse to go antiquing and bargain hunting. Have fun with it and you’ll create a space that your family and friends will love to hang out in. We’d enjoy seeing your Coca-Cola themed photos and hearing about your own decorating projects!

Last updated: Jan 17, 2017
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