Creating a Farm Theme Decor

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If you live on a farm or just love farming memorabilia, you’ll find inspiration from these decorating suggestions.

Farm Theme Decorating Ideas

Farm Theme Decorating Ideas

Farm and Tractor Wall Art

Add some rustic charm to your home, barn or garage with a collection of vintage-looking tractor metal signs. Create a bold statement with a group of similarly themed signs, placed slightly askew.

Welcome to The Farm

The galvanized steel background allows you to attach the metal signs, using only magnets. This makes it much easier to move the signs around or replace them with new ones.

Fun with Farm and Tractor Signs

Fun with Farm and Tractor Signs

Tractor Signs and Decor

This arrangement has a great casual look, but still adds a lot of impact. A bale of hay and a few accessories complete the look. Add some items of your own, like this vintage plastic chicken to continue the farm theme.


Last updated: Apr 22, 2011
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