Practical Gifts: Cupcake and Sheet Cake Carrier

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Tin Cupcake and Sheet Cake CarrierI love giving gifts that are both practical and fun. I often try to find something the recipient would really like, but would never buy for herself. These are often kitchen items that serve just one or two purposes yet, when used, really make an impact.

The cupcake is a favorite sweet for nearly anyone. Creative types may get pretty detailed in their decorating efforts, but even single-colored frosting put on with a knife will get some honest thank yous.

Of course, carrying cupcakes (even on a plate with plastic wrap) can be a daunting task. Enter: an oh-so-retro designed cupcake and sheet cake carrier.

Retro Cupcake and Sheet Cake Carrier

The metal rack keeps cupcakes intact during travel.

Decorated to look like a sheet cake, this carrier is both charming and practical. Even gourmet cupcakes travel well in the wire rack (which can be removed to accommodate a full cake). Made of coated tin, this vintage-style tray and cover close with an attached metal handle.

The next time you’re invited to a housewarming or other gift-giving event, consider taking along a dozen of these treats. Then just leave the carrier behind as your gift.

And who wouldn’t agree with the message imprinted on the top? “Every thing is better with Cake and Frosting!”

Last updated: Dec 05, 2012
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