Custom-Made Beer Cooler Carts Featuring Vintage Style Metal Signs

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We’re pleased to share the story of a customer who has a unique talent. Jeff Peck has a knack for building custom wooden cooler carts with a gorgeous retro look. We wanted to share these special coolers with you as well as the story behind why Jeff makes them.

Jeff is from Iowa and builds these beauties to sell and to raise funds for charities and other special causes. The photos below show two of Jim’s coolers with a fire department theme. According to Jim, the first “was raffled by the Luana, IA Volunteer Fire Dept. for a new building.” The raffle raised over $2,000 to contribute to the cause.


Raffle Cooler


“The second cooler was purchased by a business for contribution to a fundraiser benefiting a fire chief with cancer. That cooler sold for $800.”


Fire Dept


Open Cooler


The history of the cooler carts, according to Jeff is, “Cooler building started as a hobby that needed to pay for itself so I started selling them. So far I’ve made 49. By far most of them have been NFL or Iowa Hawkeyes but there have been several beer coolers and the two fire dept. coolers.”

To personalize some of the beautiful wooden coolers he makes, Jeff uses vintage style metal signs purchased from Here are more photos of the artfully crafted coolers that Jeff made:


Bud Stein


Bud 15 Cents


Bud Side


Bud Coke Coolers


Iowa Cooler


These coolers are very special and we’re very grateful that Jeff was willing to share his photos of these awesome creations. Click on the photos above for links to fire department, Coca-Cola and Budweiser signs like the ones featured on these beer cooler carts.

Last updated: Dec 13, 2017
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