Movie Room Decor: Dancing Snacks Signs

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Vintage Style Movie Theater Snack Signs

The dancing snacks figures were once an essential part of the movie theater and drive-in experience. When these guys started dancing across the screen it was the signal that intermission had begun and it was time to head to the concessions for some delicious food.

Dancing Snack Sign Home Theatre Set

With each character at 14.5 inches tall, this sign set would make quite a statement on any wall. These fun signs are a classic addition to add to your kitchen, diner or office and are guaranteed to get some smiles.

Dancing Snack Sign Home Theatre Set & Theater Sign

If you already own some theater memorabilia, why not combine it with this sign set to get a more finished and dynamic look. An arrangement such as this one would be fantastic in your home theater room.

Dancing Snack Sign Home Theatre Set & Theater Signage

Group this set of three large food signs around your already existing movie décor and the look is vintage—yet fun. Reminiscent of drive-in and movie theater intermission cartoons, these guys will add retro style to your TV or movie room.

Opt for the 14.5” or 7.5″ versions. Line them up on the wall of your home theater, in your kitchen, in a lunchroom or diner to lead the way to great food. They’ll add nostalgia and real retro style to any room. Also shown is the Theater Reels Movie Sign and a Vintage Style Theater Sign.

Soda, Popcorn and Hot Dog Snack Signs

By placing a panel or two of galvanized steel into a room or garage, you can create a surface for showing off signs you love, like these Dancing Snack Signs. Since the signs are metal, all you need to do is place magnets on the back and place the sign onto the galvanized steel. The signs can easily be moved, added to or exchanged for new ones. It’s a very flexible decorating solution.


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Last updated: Dec 04, 2010
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