Dartmouth Dry Whiskey Sour Bottle Label

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Dartmouth Dry Soda Pop Label

This is a circa 1930s label for Dartmouth Dry Whiskey Sour. This drink mixer was bottled by the Newport Bottling Works in Newport, New Hampshire. This label features a Dartmouth College pennant, a salute to the prestigious Ivy League college, located in nearby Hanover, New Hampshire.

The bottling works evolved from a grocery store Alexander Budnitz opened to serve the Polish immigrant community. Over time it became known as Budd’s Beverages. Budnitz became licensed to bottle Coca-Cola starting in 1917. He soon got the idea of making his own carbonated drinks. The Newport Bottling Works began producing and bottling their own sodas in 1922. By the 1930s, other soft drink brands bottled at the Newport Bottling Works in addition to Dartmouth Dry were Old Sol, Fruit Bowl, Lola Cola and Bud’s Best. Along with Coca-Cola, they were also licensed to distribute Moxie and Ted’s Root Beer. They closed their doors in 1972.

Produced by:

Newport Bottling Works

Newport, New Hampshire

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