Dear Lowe’s – I’ll Take that Bathroom You Destroyed

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Lowe's Destroys Pink BathroomJust two months ago I called Lowe’s out for labeling a retro-dorable front door the ugliest. And now the company’s gone and destroyed an equally fabulous retro-style pink bathroom.

Check out this commercial, party of the company’s “Never Stop Improving” campaign, whereas a wife takes a sledgehammer to all that is retro:

Thanks to Pam Kueber over at Retro Renovation for pointing this one out. She’s on a crusade to protect pink bathrooms and I could only imagine how much she cringed at first glance.

 Lowe’s titled the video: “Can’t Stand It – Bath”. Raise your hand if you’d love to have that bathroom in your home. I know I would!

Last updated: Jul 04, 2012
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