How To Video: Decorating with Vintage Travel Wall Decals

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At Retro Planet, when we see a big blank wall, we think: decorate that sucker! Our art department happens to have a 14-foot wall on one side, so we decided to show you what you can do with a bunch of themed wall decals—in this case, vintage travel decals from Anderson Design Group.

Cities & Travel Wall Decal Array

For a detailed look and how we did it, check out our time-lapse video showing the entire process. The whole thing took two people about two hours to complete.

Note: You don’t leap into a DIY wall art project this big without some planning, so we mocked up a rough layout on paper first. Then we used painter’s tape to position the decals, just to get an idea what the finished product would look like. Next, we applied the center decal, then the big 48″ ones. From there, we added the others working from the inside-out. We even angled a few decals to give the display some texture.

You can do some fun things with a large wall decal display like this. For example, you could place the state decals so they correspond to their relative locations: Portland in the upper left, Florida in the lower right, etc. Remember, decorating with wall decals is all about fun!

With our removable wall decals, it’s easy to create a colorful collage or DIY mural like this.

Last updated: Aug 01, 2014
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