Decorating Ideas with Colorful Circus Wall Decals and Vibrant Metal Carnival Signs

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Using carnival and circus themes to decorate a game room is a great alternative to the usual beer, sports and hunting memorabilia. Adding festive, colorful circus decor brings a fun, frolicking atmosphere to any room. To set the mood, what could be more fun than an old-fashioned popcorn machine popping out buckets of hot, buttery temptation?


Popcorn Machine and Sign

The old-fashioned style popcorn machine and stand are one of the many popcorn themed items to found at


Add vibrant tin signs to your walls featuring your favorite carnival foods: fried dough, ice cream, candy apples and candy caramel corn—yum!


Carnival Food Signs


Group a bunch of old-fashioned carnival game signs for the perfect touch in this fun-inspired decor. A large roulette or domino wheel wall decal creates an unexpected bit of vintage carnival cool.


Carnival Game Signs


Roulette Wheel Wall Decal


Domino Wheel Wall Decal


Think outside the box when doing not just a game room but any room in your home. It’s fun to do the unexpected, like displaying vintage style circus poster wall decals in a bathroom or office. They’re large, colorful and loads of fun!


Capell Circus Poster


Polack Circus Poster


Clowns have been getting a bum rap lately, but if you’re the kind of person who can’t get enough of them, we offer assorted wall decals and stickers with a wide variety of colorful clown styles and expressions.


Clown Wall Decal


Assorted Clown Stickers


To finish off your room, the Bozo the Clown inflatable punching bag would be a great finishing touch for the circus-themed decor. Children and adults alike will enjoy giving him a bop while watching him bounce right back. Bozo also has a nose that squeaks when you give it a tweak!


Bozo Punching Bag


The bottom line is that a room with a carnival and circus theme is going to be tons of fun, so have a blast while putting it together. Enjoy!

Last updated: Mar 15, 2017
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