Decorating with Harley-Davidson Signs

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Live to Ride? Place a few reproduction Harley-Davidson® metal signs together and commemorate the history of this timeless classic. Vintage signs create a colorful and meaningful decorative element to any wall.

Harley-Davidson Tin Sign Collage

Use magnets to mount signs on a sheet of galvanized metal. We found this 2′ x 8′ sheet at Lowe’s.

Show your patriotism and love of American-made products like the incomparable Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with these retro-inspired metal signs. Group them together and create a decorating statement with huge impact.

Harley-Davidson Tin Sign Collage


Harley-Davidson Tin Sign Collage


Harley Vintage Signs

The muted wooden paneling creates a great offset to the reproduction designs.

Harley-Davidson Police Signs

Combine two subjects you’re passionate about with a group of great metal signs like these. Group related signs together to make a personalized statement and brighten up any room or your garage. These signs look dynamite contrasted with the subdued wood paneling background.

Harley Power and Speed Wall Signs

Wall Paint: California Paints; Red Ink


Harley-Davidson Legend Signs

Legend motorcycle signs on galvanized metal.

Harley-Davidson Number One Sign

Simple and effective – the Number One American Flag sign on bold red.

Harley-Davidson Porcelain Signs

Mount large round signs on faux brick.


Last updated: Dec 10, 2010
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