Decorating Ideas with Retro Diner Sign Sets

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Decorating Ideas : Diner Sign Sets

Fantastic new sign sets have arrived at Retroplanet! These sets are comprised of signs designed by our Creative Staff, making them original Retroplanet designs, in combination with some of our most popular Coca-Cola signs. The signs in these sets complement each other so well and go together so naturally, creating a classic retro diner look.

The original Retroplanet designs include an assortment of shapes and sizes of signs that look just like the food signs that hung in diners and food stands in the 1950s. These signs are reproductions of the signs that would have been displayed in diners and at carnivals, enticing hungry people with classic American foods, like hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries.

If you’ve been looking to fill a large space in your home or business, these sign sets can be arranged in many different configurations. Create your own layouts, or borrow one of ours to solve your decorating dilemmas. All of these new Retroplanet designed signs are available in both a small and large size, so you have more options depending on the space you’d like to fill.

Above is a photo of the Narrow Diner Coke Sign Set with the food signs stacked and the Coke Button placed above. This set is available in both the large and small sizes. This arrangement is great for a fairly large space. (Approximately 20W x 29H for the small set and 28W x 36H for the large set.) Another option with the narrow signs is to stack them with the Coke button beside them to form a rectangular shape. You can hang the food signs end-to-end in a narrow, but elongated space and hang the Coke button sign in another place in the room.  (I have quite a long window in my kitchen and so I’m considering this option, by placing the food signs across the top of one window, since it’s such a shallow space, then the Coca-Cola Button sign can add a pop of color where I have more space to fill in another place in the room. The Coca-Cola Button sign is available in two diameters; 12 and 16 inches.

In addition to the narrow food signs, there are also two sizes of larger rectangular signs (12W x 18H and 16W x 24H). Each set includes a Coca-Cola Button sign; the smaller having the 12” diameter sign and the large comes with the 16” diameter sign. As you can see when you view the alt photos on the product pages, these signs can be placed in many different configurations. Our ideas our merely to get you started—lay these signs out depending on the space you have to fill. Your only limitation is your own imagination. Stack them in a long vertical space, or likewise, hang them horizontally in a very long, shallow space.

Both the large 16W x 24H food sign set and the large Narrow Diner Coke Sign Sets are available with a beautifully embossed Coca-Cola Bottle as part of the sets. Measuring 7” wide and 21” high, the Coca-Cola Bottle Sign will make your sign grouping really stand out.

The Vintage Style Diner Sign Set has a more rustic feel for people wanting a cool vintage look. The set includes three nostalgic food signs that were created to look old and weathered (without the rust!). Accompanying the food signs is a
a Round 14 Inch Diameter Eat Sign that was designed as a flat sign, that with clever graphics, looks 3-D. (There is also a generously sized Eat sign available at 28 inches in diameter, that is not part of a set.)

So get your creative (and digestive) juices flowing so you can tempt your customers or family members with a retro style, diner inspired food sign set displayed in your home or business in your own unique way.