Decorating with Texaco Memorabilia and Signage

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Vintage and replica Texaco signs and memorabilia can help create a vibrant decor theme for the garage, office or man cave. Texaco decorating actually allows for a great deal of flexibility. Although the company went through many logo variations from the early 1900s to today, the familiar red star has always been a part of its identity. That makes it easy to integrate items from the 1910s through the 1970s.

Modern living area with Texaco gas pump

A Texaco gas pump in a modern living area.


Ideal wall decor includes vintage replica metal signs, clocks and thermometers. You can opt to focus on a specific logo style, or mix them up along with related decor, like garage themed wall decals.


Conference room with Texaco neon sign and metal signs

This Texaco-themed conference room features a neon sign surrounded by metal signs, a fire chief helmet, and vintage Texaco tour guides.


For shelves, desks and tables, look for unique memorabilia, like an original gas station attended hat (see what it looks like), or a fire chief helmet. Reproduction oil cans are a great focal point or backdrop for showcasing other unique finds. Scour eBay for all types of vintage trucks – many different designs were produced over the years. We also found a lengthy list of various Texaco collectibles at Collector’s Weekly.


Example of decorating with Texaco themed decor.

Here we created a designated space for a Texaco theme, right down to a Texaco red wall.


Vintage Texaco Memorabilia

Showcasing oil cans and collectibles. We used California Paint’s Red Ink for the wall.

Mixing Old and New

Designing with both authentic and replica decor is a great way to create an iconic look on a budget. Reproduction signs, for example, are much less expensive and still provide a feel of nostalgia. It also allows you to get the look you’re after more immediately, since many original items are very difficult to find. That is why many collectors find highly damaged pieces and opt to paint them.

Note: “Texaco red” isn’t an actual color, and many variations of red were used over the years. If you plan to paint, you’ll want to search online for the colors based on what you’re painting – different colors were used for gas pumps, for example, than for trucks or signs.

Integrating Like Items

Texaco integrates well with many types of gas station memorabilia, some cars, fire station decor (including Dalmatians!) and repair shop signage.


What else was common at gas stations? Soda-pop coolers (see some vintage Coca-Cola ones), soda pop signs, restroom signs, branded maps, and tour guides.


Outside of a conference room looking like an old Texaco station.

Outside of the conference room resembles a Texaco station from yesteryear.


Texaco Air Pump Sign with oil cans and truck

We offset the Free Air sign (available at Retro Planet) with vintage Texaco cans and a truck.


Dad's Garage Floor Decal

Floor popping decor? We applied a distressed Dad’s Garage floor decal for an entryway.


Here are some shots of one of the spaces we created at different angles. Please note that some of the items are from our own, personal collection, and are not available for purchase.


Collage of various Texaco signs

Texaco wall decor – metal signs and vintage replica thermometer.


Texaco trash can - no longer available

Sorry, the Texaco bullet trash can is no longer available.


Closeup of Fire Chief memorabilia

That’s a vintage fire chief hat (sorry, not for sale).


Ready to decorate Texaco style? Check out the available reproductions. Then get hunting on the internet and antique shops. When you’re done, be sure to post us pictures, because we’d love to see them!


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Last updated: Oct 02, 2014
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