Decorating with Typography: New Line of Laser Cut Word Signs Makes it Easy

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Retro Bath Signage

Retro style Bath script sign. Available in light green, pastel green, yellow and aluminum.

More than any image or sound, we are driven by the words we see. This is why so many restaurants in years past bore neon signs of simple words. A brightly-lit sign that read EAT or Coffee could be easily seen from the highway and got us thinking that we’re hungry or need a break.

One of today’s popular decorating trends for kitchens is based on the 1950s diner, which blends a unique style with classic charm. Like any design, bringing everything together can be tricky, which is why letter or single-word signs, like EAT, are so often used. This type of signage, which brings the traditional outside signage inside, adds a pop of color and symmetry to the wall.

Retro Planet’s exclusive line of laser-cut typography signs expands this classic design style throughout the home and business, featuring architectural and script lettering signage for the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, laundry room and more.

Cupcake Script Sign

Close-up of the script Cupcakes laser-cut sign. Shown in magenta.

Made in the USA (designed in New Hampshire and manufactured in Massachusetts), the line is available in three unique styles.

Powder Coated (colored): Made of 16-gauge steel and eye-popping color. The powder-coated finish resists corrosion and flaking, and features a great selection from the retro spectrum, like orange, light green, pastel green, yellow, brown and magenta.

Aluminum: Durable and attractive, this style features words precision cut from 1/8″ thick aluminum. The result is a sturdy sign that looks striking in the home or office.

DIY: Made of 16-gauge galvannealed metal, this style of sign takes paint easily and still resists flaking and corrosion. Mix up a unique color or paint with many colors for a custom design.

All that’s left is choosing the right words. Popular selections include Coffee, Eat, Cupcakes, Laundry, Bath, Kitchen and Restrooms (as well as Men or Ladies). Heights range from 7.5″ to 16″, so there’s flexibility for these to work in restricted spaces.

Coffee Large Script Metal Sign

Great for the kitchen, break room or cafe, this brown Coffee script sign is available in two sizes – 24″ wide and 18″ wide.

Design Tip: When displaying a kitchen sign in a narrow space above cabinets, leave space around the words, even if other wall decor is placed tightly. This helps brighten the space and makes the area appear larger.

Kitchen Word Sign

For the kitchen, use a themed or contrasting color to make the word wither “pop” or “blend” in with the rest of the decor.

Small Laundry Yellow Script Sign

Add a touch of retro style to the laundry room or entryway. Shown in bright yellow and available in small and large sizes.

A striking alternative to colors is brushed aluminum. This style of signage is sturdy and brings a unique, decorative look to the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

Bathroom signs in brushed aluminum.

The brushed aluminum style is both sturdy and striking. It’s a unique look that works with existing decor.

Closeup Bath Aluminum Sign

Close-up of the brushed aluminum style Bath sign.

Cupcakes Green Large Script Tin Sign

Yummy cupcakes will be craved when they see this trigger word in pastel green, light green, orange, yellow or magenta.

Of course, the overall design of any room should reflect your tastes. Kitchens are, by far, the busiest rooms in nearly any home. With that, they also tend to house the most decor (hanging or not). Opposed to the laundry room, which tends to be void of any real decor, and the bathroom, which often relies on fabrics and mirrors as focal points. Nonetheless, this unique type of signage will work well throughout the home.

Image of signs in production

The metal signs in production in Massachusetts.

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Which room in your home needs a pop of color? Which word and color is your favorite? Me? I’m going for Cupcakes in magenta…




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