Vintage Detroit Police Call Box

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Detroit Police Telephone Box

The use of police telephones dates back to 1877, with the early official and public use in the US being in 1883 (Washington, DC). What started as “booths”, complete with stool, became a simple box mounted on a post or wall.

Detroit Police Call Box

This aluminum call box was manufactured for the Detroit Police Department in the mid-1900s. Made by The Gamewell Company of New York, it was originally painted solid blue. We restored this with a black, white and gold color scheme. The slogan, “No Drugs” appears on the side. The telephone inside was made by Northern Electric in the ’40s or ’50s. This wall style model was called the Uniphone, and measures 16″ high by 11″ wide by 5″ deep.

Open call box with telephone

Vintage telephone mounted in call box.

Police Call Box - Side View

Side view of restored call box.

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