Blonde and Sweet for My Dunker, Please

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Dunkin' Donuts dunker

Dunkin' Donut's "dunker" - a handled cake donut to make for easier dunking. Photo provided by njron via Flickr.

In traditional diners, coffee shops and shorter-order restaurants, unique terms are used to describe food and drink. At one time, some of these terms were pretty universal. Today, however, many young servers will give confused looks when you order a burger and say, “Eighty-six the onions”.

Frequent diners picked up on some jargon, and would use it to play along with the staff. Sadly, it’s no longer a common practice, save mostly for small towns with “old school” mentality, truck stops and roadside eateries.

Don’t believe me? Just walk into a Dunkin’ Donuts and say to a 20-something behind the counter, “I’ll take a small coffee, blonde and sweet, and a dunker.” When you get a blank stare, don’t bother explaining… chances are he won’t care.

  • Ironically, Dunkin’ Donuts created a handled donut called the dunker, so this goes to show even the company isn’t teaching employees its rich history.

For those who do care, here’s a list of terms for the way one takes his cup of mud (or java, or joe):

Blonde & Sweet – with cream and sugar

Dry – sugar, no cream

High – cream, no sugar

High & Dry – black

Hot Blonde in Sand – with cream and sugar

In the Dark – traditionally black (or, without cream)

Pale – with cream (light in color)

Regular – with cream and sugar

Why Bother – decaf

There’s also Cops & Robbers, which would be donuts and a coffee.

While today’s coffee shops shy away from teaching this jargon (much has been replaced with fancier lingo), I’m on a hunt to find exactly when Dunkin’ Donuts stopped making the dunker. I’ve always been curious as to why it was discontinued because I can’t understand why they would have stopped being ordered… Did people just stop dunking their donuts?

Do you have any coffee order slang to contribute? And, most importantly, do you dunk?


Last updated: May 08, 2012
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