Weekend DIY: Upcycling Cookie Sheets into Memo Boards

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I love simple projects that make a great impact, especially in the kitchen or laundry room. If you have an old, shallow baking pan, you can easily make it a functional part of your home decor. From painting to lining with fabric, these metal pans can be quickly transformed into magnetic memo boards.

I found scores of creative designs for upcycling baking sheets, and you’ll see here some of my favorites.

Paper Lined Cookie Sheet

From Better Homes and Gardens: Line cookie sheet with scrapbook paper or wallpaper. Store small magnets on the lip of the pan.

Don’t be afraid to be ultra-simple, either. A one-color paint job can do wonders, and allows your photos and notes to “pop” just as effectively.

Teal and Rose painted memo boards

Single color boards make for great design accents. Source: cheriesparetime.com

Don’t have a spare pan? You can often find old cookie sheets or jelly roll pans at thrift stores. These are typically thicker than the ones you’ll find on the cheap at dollar and discount stores.

Cookie Sheet Memo Board

Fave Crafts turned a dollar store cookie sheet into a memo board using spray paint, scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.


Shape Up Retro Flower Magnets

Shape Up retro flower magnets

Magnets to Match

The magnets should be part of the design of the finished board. You could use designer modern magnets, novelty magnets, or make your own. You’ll find magnet strips or dots at your local craft store. Use a strong glue to adhere them to lightweight toy figurines, cardboard mounted photo faces, or even cardboard mounted fabric.

Need to tack things, too? Adhere magnetic strips to a “framed” piece of cork so to include a mini bulletin board.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pans with extended lips (handles) add more depth and provide space to mount spare magnets. Many of these already have a hole for hanging, but if they don’t, it’s simple to drill one.
  • Pans with non-stick coatings won’t take paint as well unless you sand or prime them first.
  • You can use masking tape or painter’s tap to create designs, like stripes or diagonals.
  • Heavily used pan? If it’s just discolored, no worries. For buildup, soak the pan in hot water with baking soda for about an hour, then use a scrub sponge on it.
  • Contact paper also works!
  • If you’re not big on magnets, consider the miniature Mighties. They’re small yet strong, and won’t overpower your photos and messages.

Hand-made designer memo boards make great gifts, too. And at a base cost of just a few dollars, you really can’t beat the price.

Last updated: Aug 30, 2013
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