Christmas DIY: Contruction Paper Garland

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Paper Garland

Construction paper garland was a standard craft project in schools for decades.

Remember making garland out of construction paper? For decades kids made these in school and at home. The project requires nothing more than colored paper and a stapler (or tape).

While crafting has gotten much more ornate, we love this back-to-basics, old-school method of decorating the tree, alcove or hallway. This Christmas take the kids back in time, or relive your own childhood.


  1. Cut construction paper into 1-1/2 inch strips, width-wise (8.5″ long).
  2. Coil the first strip and close with a staple or tape.
  3. Coil the second strip (of an alternating color) around the first and close with a staple or tape.
  4. Keep going until the garland is the length you want.

That’s it! Now just hang it, drape it or use it as a table decoration.


Last updated: Dec 21, 2012
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