DIY Decorating Project: Creating a Fun, Functional Laundry Room

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We recently received photos from a customer named Cindy showing us her completed laundry room renovation and the signs she purchased from us to decorate the finished room. This is the note Cindy sent along with the photos:

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff.  Following this email will be a few photos from my laundry room renovation. Really appreciate your attention to detail (practice decal) and your approach to customer service. Thank you.”


Laundry Room Redo


Laundry Service Sign


We’re sharing these photos with you so you can see some of the great design solutions Cindy and her handyman arrived at. We think this is a gorgeous, functional room now. The design is cohesive, too. From the black wire pendant light to the black wire baskets and matching black picture frames and clock—these are all beautiful design accents in this room. The addition of corrugated steel under the chair rail is stunning and according to Cindy, it’s a “pretty darn cheap construction material for a project as small as this”. It has a real “wow” factor.


Customer Laundry Room


Cleaning Pressing Sign


The items purchased at that were used in this redo were the Laundry Service Iron Embossed Tin Sign (58695) and the 24-inch Laundry Cleaning and Pressing Wall Decal (49625). The beautiful wooden beam was a reclaimed beam found by Cindy’s handyman. He positioned it in order to anchor the pendant lights. In Cindy’s own words, “It’s those ‘finishing touches’ as I call them that really make the room. It is now my favorite room in the house. Somewhat whimsical. Makes doing laundry fun!!!!”


Laundry Room Storage


Corrugated Aluminum


There’s a lot of design inspiration to be had from this room renovation. And, like Cindy’s project, it can all be done “very affordably.” We hope these photos help you get started with great ideas for your own DIY decorating project. We’d love to hear (and see) about your room renovations, so feel free to send along your photos!

Last updated: Jul 05, 2017
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