Weekend DIY: Framing That Beautiful Gift Wrap

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Retro Toys Vintage Style Gift Wrap

This paper is almost too pretty to wrap with. Instead, consider framing it for inexpensive and cheery decor.

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to take care of that crafty business from that wrapping paper or card you so adore. I typically save the nicest Christmas cards to either remake cards or to make gift tags. I also send off plenty to the St. Jude’s Ranch Recycled Card Program (kids make new cards out of them to be self-sufficient).

It wasn’t until reading a few product reviews that I had even considered framing wrapping paper and cards that I truly appreciated.

Lo and behold, I find this isn’t a new idea by any means. And, my gosh, what a great way to create inexpensive wall decor. This is exactly what I used to do with calendars containing vintage photos that I picked up at the discount store.

You could choose to  matte or not matte your new “art”. For matting ideas, Greg and Ashley at 7th House on the Left provide various examples.

Wanting something for year round? At just around $4 per sheet, there’s plenty to choose from. Consider alphabet artwork for the kids’ rooms, or a collage of vintage toys for the living room. This Garden Ephemera paper is great for the pantry or country kitchen.

Example of turning gift wrap into artwork

Example of turning gift wrap into artwork (Source: 7th House on the Left)


What paper goods have you opted to frame and hang as retro art work? We’d love to see your pictures!


Last updated: Jan 10, 2014
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