DIY: Gumball Machine Fish Bowl

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Bumball Machine turned Aquarium

A gumball machine fish tank would surely keep guests talking. (Source: instructables)

We’ve seen lots of great ideas for design placement and re-purposing of tabletop gumball machines, but this idea for an aquarium is brilliant! This project isn’t for everyone – you may need to get help with some of the steps, like using a glass cutter. The end result, though, is so worth it.

Don’t have an old machine? You’ll find replicas right here.

While the example shown uses aquarium stones and plants, you could easily show your personality with colorful accents and props.

Now if someone would just figure out a way to rig a back-end storage box so the kids could pay to feed the fish. Oh, wait…

Last updated: Mar 03, 2013
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