Weekend DIY: Halloween Ghosts

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Simple Halloween Ghost

Use a marker or iron-ons to create a real face for that ghost costume. (source: KC’s Colloquium)

Are you in the Halloween spirit yet? I remember going as a ghost for Halloween several times. It was the simplest of costumes, made from an old bed sheet, with holes cut out for eyes. That was it.

Of course, there are plenty of things you can turn into ghosts, so this weekend I wanted to share some ridiculously simple ones that will add that extra touch to your house, Halloween party, or costume.

If you make anything ghostly this year, I’d love to see pictures! One can never get enough of Halloween and things that go “Boo!”.

Ghost Pops: Use white fabric, ribbon and googly eyes to transform Tootsie Roll pops into creatures of the night.

Halloween Ghost Pops

Source: A Thrifty Mom


Glowing Ghosts: Insert glow sticks into balloons. For a creepier touch, top with cheesecloth.

Glowing Ghosts

Source: SodaHead


Ghostly Heads: This one uses Styrofoam heads found in craft stores and cheesecloth.

Ghostly Heads

Source: High Heels City Streets


Standing Ghost: More cheesecloth… and starch.

Standing Ghost

Source: Ohana Day Academy


And, of course, something for the kids… A paper plate ghost!

Paper Plate Ghost

Source: Sassy Dealz



Last updated: Oct 11, 2013
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