Weekend DIY: Refinish Old Folding Chairs

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DIY Refinishing Folding Chairs

Design for Mankind offers up a great tutorial on refinishing old metal folding chairs. This one is painted in a dreamy retro tangerine.

If you’re like us, there are some old metal folding chairs sitting in the garage you’ve pretty much retired to outdoor use only. You might not know that refinishing them – in retro glory – is actually a simple process. And we found Christine Wisnieski’s walk-through at Design for Mankind to be nothing short of awesome.

Of course, if your old chairs don’t have fabric seats, the job will be even quicker.

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So go grab those old folding seats, gently sand off any rust, and get started. Then setup your new seating at your next gathering. And show us pics, of course!


Last updated: Sep 14, 2012
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