Weekend DIY: Retro Themed Valentine Cards

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Popcorny Vintage Style Valentine Clip Art

Who can resist those old, sometimes corny, Valentine Cards? You print this one yourself. (Source: Vintage Holiday Crafts)

If you’re like me, you cringe at the thought of spending $4 and up for a basic greeting card. That, and it’s become way too difficult to find vintage style cards in the stores nowadays. Solution: Make your own.

When we were kids, we learned how to cut hearts out of construction paper, and adorn it with glitter, stickers or photos. Today, I miss the cards we used to get in the little boxes at the five-and-dime. You know, when we used to put a “pocket” on our desks and the entire class handed out Valentines to the rest of the classmates?

With today’s high-quality color printers, though, it’s easy to relive the past. I found these printable image sources you can use to make your own cards for the kids, spouse, parents and friends.

Vintage Holiday Crafts offers a dozen mid-century style images, along with plenty of other designs.

In its collectibles section, About.com has curated more than 40 vintage card designs you can download a print.

At babble.com, you’ll find actual cards dating back to the early 1900s., ready for download.

Kids Vintage Valentine

This image of an actual card can be downloaded at Vintage Holiday Crafts.

If you want to create your own, unique card using Vintage images of hearts, flowers, or other Valentine’s Day designs, Vintage Holiday Crafts devotes an entire section to clip art and printables, as well as additional projects for the special day.


Last updated: Jan 31, 2014
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