Weekend DIY: Sunburst Mirror

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Sunburst Mirror Project

Janell used craft branches and a glue gun to create this unique wall mirror.

Sunburst mirrors add a great splash of retro design to living rooms, entryways and bedrooms. The Brilliant Wall Mirror is a highly-rated piece of retro decor, but for those of you wanting something homemade, look no further than Janell Beals’ do-it-yourself project, using painted craft branches.

Supplies and tools are quite simple – she used branches, mirror, glue gun, painter’s tape, hacksaw, ruler and paint.

Get creative by using varying colors, or by trying this DIY with a clock face. Either way, with just a few hours and some patience, you’re sure to create an awesome conversation piece.

> View Janell’s Step-By-Step Instructions

If you decide to make this project, we’d love to see pictures of your mirror on display.



Last updated: Aug 03, 2012
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