Weekend DIY: Turn a Cheap Nightstand into Retro Glory

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Retro Style Nightstand

Meagan’s retro-inspired nightstand project is one of the best we’ve found.

There are thousands of online images of “retro-ized” furniture made from cheap, put-together or Ikea furniture. But we think Craft Habit’s Meagan shows a stellar example and easy instructions. If you’ve been putting off visiting estate sales and antique shops because you’re on a budget, here’s a great way to turn just about anything into pure, retro-style glory.

We also love Meagan’s reasoning behind opting to DIY rather than laying out lots of cash:

“Although we cannot (yet) stick furniture in a time machine to give it history,  we have it in our power to give pieces more character with a little paint and imagination.”

Imagination… that’s what it’s all about. And the idea of using cane webbing on this piece shows it.

This project will take you the whole weekend, and there will be some sweat involved. But, you have to agree that the final outcome will be so worth it.

> Follow Meagan’s Instructions Here

If you take on this weekend challenge, or if you’ve already modified something like it, we’d love to see your pics and here any additional tips you might have.


Last updated: Sep 21, 2012
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