Vintage DIY: Upcycle Watches into Photo Bracelets

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Vintage Watch Photo Bracelet

Vintage Watch Photo Bracelet (Source: Maize Hutton)

From Maize Hutton comes this brilliant idea… turn non-working vintage watches into photo bracelets. Now, I wouldn’t consider doing this with a highly collectible watch that just needs some repair. But for costume watches and ones with a lot of wear, what would be sweeter than, say, showing off a photo of grandmother in the watch that was handed down? Or perhaps framing a small photo of your spouse when he or she was a wee one?

The process is simple, too. Just print a photo, trim it, and remove the back of the watch. Pry out the face, pop in the photo, and replace the back.

I’ve finally found a use for a few old timepieces my nanny passed onto me. Ones that have been sitting in a box for decades…



Last updated: Jan 17, 2014
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