The Wise Little Hen Presents Donald Duck

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Donald Duck in The Wise Little Hen (Screenshot)Donald Duck made his debut in 1934 in a short film called The Wise Little Hen. In the cartoon, Donald and his friend, Peter Pig, try to avoid working by faking a stomach ache.

One of the most popular cartoon characters of all time, Donald has appeared in more films than any other Disney character, and his comic book ranks as the fifth most published (the top four all feature superheroes).

His somewhat unintelligible speech made him truly unique, and, in 1937, he was given his own film series. In the mid-50s, Donald took a break from the big screen to appear in many educational films, returning to theaters in Mickey’s Christmas Carol in 1983. He also appeared in TV shows, including DuckTales and Quack Pack.

Today, Donald is still popular throughout the world, and is especially favored in Europe. He continues to grace comic books, Sunday comic strips, TV shows, films and even video games.

Take a look at the full video of the cartoon classic that started it all:



Do you remember growing up with Donald Duck? What was your favorite tale?

Last updated: Jun 09, 2012
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