Earth Shoes (1970s)

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Earth Shoes

1970s Ad for Earth Shoes

Does anyone remember Earth Shoes? Somehow these things came up in a conversation the other night.

These were the ugliest shoes ever made, and I owned a pair. Introduced in the 1970s, and unlike other shoes, the front of the soles were thick and the heels were thin. “Negative heel technology”, as they were called. I wonder if they were inspired by the keep on trucking guy of the ’60s. He looked like he was trucking uphill.

I did a little research and the company that made them is still in existence and has recently reintroduced “negative heel technology” shoes again. It is to be hoped that this time around they are much better looking.

Did you own a pair of these shoes? Let me know what you think…

Last updated: Apr 15, 2008
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