Soda Pop of the Week: Elwino Soda

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Elwino Soda

“Beverages Supreme”

Elwino Root Beer was a brand of soda pop manufactured in the 1950s in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There isn’t a lot of information available about this brand name, but it appears to have been a local favorite. Its name appears in blogs that reminisce about Tulsa’s history featuring the old Tulsa County Stadium. Bottles of cold Elwino soda pop were served in the stands to the spectators back in the 1950s. The stadium has since been torn down but was the home of the Tulsa Oilers baseball team that existed from 1905 to 1976.

The Elwino brand branched out to include other flavors, such as Strawberry and Grape, as well as a Quinine Water. The company also operated under the name of the Joe Branham Corporation. If you’re an Elwino Soda enthusiast, perhaps you could blog-in and share some of the history of this soda brand.

Tulsa Bottling Co.
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Last updated: Oct 21, 2009
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