Esso Tiger Vintage Vinyl Bank

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1965 Humble Oil Tiger Bank

The latest Retro Image is of an 8.5–inch vinyl Humble Oil Tiger bank. It dates to about 1965 and was manufactured in the USA. This was a promotional item at Esso gas stations just prior to the Tiger being retired. The corporation’s name was changed to Exxon in 1972 when they brought back the Tiger in a more realistic and ferocious version. Beginning in 1975 Exxon has been using real tigers in their ads. This bank shows us the cuter, friendlier version of the original Esso Tiger.

The Humble Oil Company was begun in 1911. The company was reorganized and incorporated in 1917 as the Humble Oil and Refining Company. In 1919 they sold half of their stock to Standard Oil of New Jersey, and by 1959 the two companies had consolidated their US operations. Humble Oil then was able to sell gasoline under the Esso, Enco and Humble brand names. In 1964 the “Put a Tiger in Your Tank” campaign was introduced by Humble Oil. The corporate name was changd to Exxon in 1972.

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Last updated: May 21, 2010
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