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Reproduction travel posters from all over the world combine beautifully with vintage globes and nostalgic aircraft to make a striking vignette in your home or office. Use souvenirs and photos you collected on your own travels to personalize the setup.

Retro Travel Posters Display

Design Inspired by Travel Posters and Travel Memorabilia

New York Travel Decor

This is an exciting retro look for any room in your home or office. A collection of vintage and reproduction New York City souvenirs, when paired with some great art deco travel posters make a classic decorating arrangement to brighten up any room.

New York Travel Decor

When displaying like objects together, they become more powerful as a whole than they were individually. Tie these objects together with some related artwork, and you have a real designer look.

Decorating with a Mexico Theme

One of your favorite travel destinations could be your inspiration for your next decorating scheme. Assemble some travel posters and add in souvenirs you brought home and you have a look that will take you back to that place every time you look at it. We’ve decorated with a Mexican theme, by combining beautiful Mexico Travel Posters and some of our vintage Mexican-themed collectibles.

Retro Mexico Mini Travel Posters

What a great look it creates when you group related items together.


Have you decorated your home or office with a travel theme? We’d love to see your pictures!

Last updated: Dec 15, 2010
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