Fallout Shelter and Radiation Warning Signs and Decals

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Bright yellow, black and red “Danger Radiation” and “Fallout Shelter” signs and wall decals are a cool way to decorate dorm or game room walls as well as a great way to indulge in a little Cold War nostalgia. Whether you remember the originals or not, these signs demand attention and make for great conversation pieces.


Fallout Shelter Sign

Collectors of WWII memorabilia will enjoy the nostalgic look of a Fallout Shelter tin sign displayed with civil defense shelter items.


Once a vital indicator of where to find a civil defense shelter in the event of a nuclear attack, as well as warning signs for toxic fallout, these signs were a common site in public buildings, schools and subways during the Cold War era. The federal government initiated the Community Fallout Shelter Program in September of 1961, to build structures that could protect U.S. citizens from nuclear fallout in the event of an attack. Fortunately for us nowadays, these signs and wall decals are more nostalgia than necessities, so we can enjoy them for their notoriety and historic value.


Air Raid Shelter Sign

An Air Raid Shelter sign is a great way to add some vintage cool to a dorm room wall.


Retro Cool Wall Decor

Get vintage style with reproduction Fallout Shelter signs. If you can’t put holes in your walls, another cool option is to display a wall decal.


Many people are old enough to remember the nuclear blast drills that took place in schools the late ‘50s and early 1960s (in which kids were told to duck under their desks and put their arms over their heads in order to protect themselves from a nuclear blast!). But for younger people today, the signs and wall decals are more of a novelty. Not many of us have an a fallout shelter, but we may know teens that have rooms that look as if they could be a biohazard or perhaps, have high levels of radiation. Make light of the situation, and give them one of these that they can display in a dorm room, bedroom or a place where they hang out with friends. These danger signs and wall decals look retro cool and make for fun atomic age decor.


Last updated: May 01, 2015
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