Fisher-Price Authentic Retro Toys

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Fisher-Price is likely the most well-known and trusted name when it comes to toys for tots and they have been since the 1930s. Many of us grew up playing with at least a few of these terrific toys, and if you had younger siblings like I did, saw them play with the newer releases once we were a little too old to play with them. (Yeah, that’s what we used to tell our friends, at least.)

Retro Pull Toy Telephone

Fisher-Price continues to make some of the real classics that we remember, like the iconic Chatter Telephone and the Teaching Clock. If you were alive in the 60s and didn’t have either of them, then you must have known someone that did. As a matter of fact, I remember my mother teaching my younger brother how to tell time using the Teaching Clock. The Chatter Telephone was so incredibly popular that Fisher-Price produced it for nearly 30 uninterrupted years after in was first introduced in 1962.

 1960s Educational Retro Toy Clock

Fisher-Price stands for traditional, yet educational toys for toddlers and small children. The reproduction pull toys are evocative of wooden toys from the early history of children’s’ toys. While the more modern television and radio toys still invoke the tradition of hundreds of year old nursery rhymes.

Nursery Rhyme Retro Radio ToyReproduction 60s Pull Toy Milk TruckRetro Toy Wind Up Television








This collection of retro Fisher-Price toys will bring joy and learning to a new generation. And if you missed them the first time around, this is your opportunity to share in the fun!