Fisher-Price Vintage Pull Toys Make A Comeback

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Reproduction Fisher-Price Pull Toys for Today’s Kids

Fisher-Price Vintage Pull Toys Chatter Phone

Fisher-Price Pull Toys

In 1931, Fisher-Price released its first product line at the International Toy Fair in New York City. The sixteen toys, all made of wood, were quite successful, despite tough financial times for most Americans.

Fisher-Price’s goal was make durable action toys that children would want to play with, and were a good value for the money. What they created were a line of whimsical push-pull toys that also educated.

The wonderful characters these original toys were modeled after were taken from books illustrated by the founder’s wife, Margaret Evans Price. She was the company’s first art director as well as an accomplished illustrator, writer and muralist.

Today, Fisher-Price produces reproductions of several of their classic pull toys. Such toys have survived the test of time and make great gifts for grandparents to give grandchildren. All of these toys carry stories – like when Moms or Dads first played with one.

On an interesting note, the Chatter Phone’s first go-round lasted nearly 30 years. And the Teaching Clock (originally from 1968) is still one of the most popular at-home methods for teaching children how to tell time.

Of course, the colorful xylophone is the most favorite for many young ones, demonstrating to their own parents how noisy they once were.

What was your favorite Fisher-Price pull/push toy?

Last updated: Jun 13, 2008
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