Retro Road Maps: Flying A Road Map of Maine

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This map was issued by the Tidewater Associated Oil Company for their east coast brand of gas stations, Flying A. It dates to about 1957 and is a map of the northern-most New England state of Maine. Advertised on the back of the map is an ad for Tidewater’s motor oil, Veedol, which they sold worldwide.

Tidewater is one of the oldest American oil companies, having been founded in New York City in 1887. Initially, Tidewater sold gasoline under the Tydol name in the eastern United States. They purchased the Northwestern Oil Company in 1931, allowing them to expand into the Midwest. In 1953 J. Paul Getty acquired Tidewater, which then merged with the Associated Oil Company. The Flying A brandname was first used by Associated in 1932 for their premium gasoline. In 1966 Associated’s west coast operations were purchased by Phillips 66. The Getty Oil Company stopped using the Tidewater name and the Flying A brand was being phased out. In 1970 the last Flying A station was rebranded as a Getty. In 1984 Getty was purchased by Texaco.

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