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Flying A Tidewater Oil Company Road Map

Flying A Service Pennsylvania Map

We are continuing to feature retro road maps in our blogs from many oil companies, some of which no longer exist. These service station roads maps will bring you back to a time when drivers had to map out a trip for themselves and many of the major roadways we use today were not even in existence. We hope you enjoy our nostalgic look at these retro maps.

This is a road map offered by the Tidewater Oil Company at their Flying A filling stations. Based on the cars this Pennsylvania road map would date to the early 1960s. These were the days when filling stations were full service. There was an attendant to pump the gas, check the oil and tire pressure, and wash the car windshield for you. Unlike today’s gas stations, there were also car repair bays.

On the reverse of the road map is an ad encouraging you to open up a Flying A credit card account. The Tidewater Oil Co. is one of the oldest US oil companies. After merging with Associated Oil, they were acquired by Getty in 1953.

Tidewater Oil Flying A Road Map

Last updated: Mar 31, 2009
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