Frost Arena in Lawrence, MA

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Hockey Player at Frost Arena Lawrence MA

Hockey Player at Frost Arena

Hockey Memories at The Frost Arena Skating Rink (Lawrence, MA)

Does anybody remember the Frost Arena in Lawrence, MA? I used to play a lot of hockey in that place back in the early ’70s. I played on the Salem Sabers, in a league against the Salem Stars, the Cornels and a bunch of other teams from Lawrence, Methuen and Haverhill. Boy, that league was wild. Old time hockey, for sure. I swear Ogie Oglethorpe (from Slap Shot) got his start on the Stars.

As far as a rink goes, The Frost left a lot to be desired. The ice was not in great shape and the boards were worse. The lighting was terrible and there was no Plexiglas around the boards – in its place was chain link fencing. Not a lot of deflections off of that stuff.

The locker rooms were even worse. I remember several occasions when there was an inch of water on the locker room floors and, needless to say, they never smelled very good. But back then there were not a lot of places to play hockey.

Salem Sabers Uniform Frost Arena

Salem Sabers Uniform

I have included a few photos of some old teammates so you could get a feel for the place, especially the fencing behind the goals.

For a short time I sharpened skates in the pro shop on Friday nights when public skating was going on.

I had no idea how to sharpen skates. I would clamp the skate to the machine, make a couple of passes and sparks would fly. The guy who trained me said to hold up the blade to the light when I was done to make it look like I knew what I was doing. Then I would turn the skate upside down and scrape my thumbnail down the side of the blade and a little of my nail would shave off. Not sure how sharp the skates were but it looked good. And besides, the ice was usually so soft you didn’t need very sharp skates.

I understand that in its heyday, The Frost hosted all kinds of events from wrestling and boxing to a few concerts. The original Frost Arena is long gone but the memories of some of those wild hockey games will live forever.

Practicing Hockey at Frost Arena

Practicing Hockey at Frost Arena

Frost Arena Goalie

Frost Arena Goalie

Blog-in and let’s hear your Frost Arena memories…

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