Retro Christmas Image 2009: Frosted Christmas Lightbulbs

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Frosted Christmas Lightbulbs

This Christmas season at we thought it might be interesting to bring you a photo and a little information about some of the interesting retro Christmas items we have here in our offices. So for the next few weeks we’ll be featuring different retro Christmas items from our own collections. Please note these are shown here merely to entertain and inform. They are not for sale.

This is a package of frosted Christmas lightbulbs. There are 10 bulbs in the box and they are in 3 different colors: white, red and yellow. These snowball lights are approximately 2 inches in diameter. The snowball effect was achieved by rolling the glass bulbs in broken glass, which would also give the frosted effect when they are lit. These lights were imported by Paulanne Industries, an importer of Christmas products, including décor and lighting. They were manufactured in Japan in the 1950s.

Imported by:
Paulanne Industries
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania