Fun with Retro Coffee Signs!

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Decorating with items you already own and love is a great way to personalize your surroundings. By adding just a few new touches, you can create a fresh and exciting look in your home or office.

In the first layout we have taken our collection of Melmac (melamine) sugar bowls and creamers and combined them with some of our vintage-looking reproduction signs. There are two Coffee Metal Signs and a Hot Cocoa Metal Sign, as well as a diner-style retro Coffee Shop 3D Wood Silver Restaurant Sign. Our collection sits on a shelf and brackets we got from IKEA. A fresh coat of paint completes the look, and a bright color like this will definitely get your collection noticed. This eye-catching design combines elements that will make your kitchen or lunchroom warm and welcoming.


The second proposed design solution for a collection display includes items from our vintage coffee can and jar collection. We’ve swapped out the Hot Cocoa Metal Sign and added the Fine Aroma Coffee Metal Sign. There’s no need to leave your collections tucked away when you can display them and make them part of your room décor. Perhaps you don’t even realize you have a collection, but when you group similar items together, viola!—you’ve got one.


A new and exciting design trend is to make your utilitarian, everyday items part of your interior decorating, rather than hiding them away in a cupboard. Here we have presented a design suggestion for creating a coffee mug display. It’s great fun to decorate with items you use everyday and it keeps them within easy reach. You don’t need to place your coffee mugs on a shelf necessarily either. Perhaps you’d prefer them on the counter or in an open cupboard. Group the mugs with other useful items, like a cream and sugar dispenser. (We offer great kitchen accessories in addition to other mug styles.)

In this design inspiration display, we have used one of our many Coffee Metal Signs and several of our classic Diner Mugs. The wall color really makes a bold statement and helps the coffee display to stand out. What a great way to wake up in the morning.


We hope that you’ve gotten some design inspiration and are eager to check out all of the wonderful products we offer that you may want to make a part of your next design project. Mix and match some of our items with a few that you already own. And please send photos and comments when you’re finished. We’d love to share your ideas with other visitors to

Last updated: Apr 20, 2011
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